Monday, November 8, 2010

Blood Born by Matthew Warner

Matthew Warner, the author of The Organ Donor, Death Sentences: Tales of Punishment and Revenge, and Eyes Everywhere, brings us a new book that is sure to have you on the edge of your seat - Blood Born.

The Dirt
As for you, be fruitful and increase in number.

When a rapist stalks the nation's capital, Detective Christina Randall tries to keep an astounding clue from going public: all the victims become pregnant.

The latest victim is teenager Daniella Connolly. Her mother, Margaret, is a doctor at CalPark Fertility Clinic. But Margaret can't fathom the bizarre conceptions, either. Isolated in a special hospital ward, they all come to term in just one week.

Multiply on the earth and increase upon it.

Randall learns the rapes are connected to a series of missing-person cases. When a young woman disappears near CalPark — also home to a secretive research lab — suspicion falls on Margaret.

But soon, the rapist returns to claim his progeny. He is not really a he — but an "it." Worse, the children have appetites just like papa's.

Coming Spring 2011

Suck that Santa meat and help a kid this Christmas

What's better than a pristine field covered in freshly fallen snow?

That same field with snow stained red with blood ;o)

Ahhhh... nothing brings back those fond memories of Christmas' past like singing those old songs that get sung every year.

I saw Mommy eating Santa's brains
Underneath the mistletoe last night.
She didn't see me reach
for the pistol at my feet;
She was too busy slurping up
delicious Santa meat.

Here's an excellent way to get your zombie fix and feel good about it.

The proceeds from sales of The Undead That Saved Christmas will be donated to Hugs Foster Family Agency ( so foster kids can have a happy holiday, too. It takes a big heart to open your home to a child that's not yours. Get a great book and help these families out at the same time.

Here's the dirt -

The Undead That Saved Christmas brings together various talented authors and artists from Great Britain, the United States and Ireland. Stories include The Magic of Christmas, by Rebecca Besser; Santa Claws is Coming to Town, by Calvin A.L. Miller II; Night of the Frozen Elf, by Richard S. Crawford; And to All a Good Fright by Stacey Graham; and many others.

The anthology also includes rich illustrations by David Naughton-Shires, Jason Tudor, Chris Williams and more. Another thing to expect in this anthology is a fun collection of holiday zombie-themed poems and carols. And to wrap things up there is an awesome assortment of original comics, from Mike Schneider, Nate Call, and many others.

Horror Hottie: Asia Argento

George A Romero's 2005 movie, Land of the Dead, had a lot going for it - Dennis Hopper, gun-wielding zombies, and lots of shock and gore... but the best thing about it was this week's Horror Hottie, Asia Argento.

No doubt about it. If the undead start to take over, I want this chick by my side.