Thursday, November 4, 2010

John Saul gets graphic

Horror writer, John Saul, and Bluewater Productions are transforming two of Saul's novels into graphic novels.

Says Saul, "I've often thought many of my novels would translate well into graphic storytelling. I also have original projects that have been conceived specifically as graphic serial novels. I am thrilled to be exploring all of these ventures with Bluewater."

So...which books are getting the graphic treatment? Glad you asked.

The Blackstone Chronicles
A vacant insane asylum is scheduled to be torn down and replaced with an upscale shopping mall. But the asylum won't fall so easily.

The God Project
There's a curse in the town of Eastbury, Mass. Something is taking the town's youngest children, one by one.

The God Project will be written by David McIntee - who has written authorized franchise novels for “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Dr Who” & “Space 1999”. The The Blackstone Chronicles will be handled by Tara Ooten & Nathan Ooten.

No word yet on when they'll be hitting the shelves but I'll be sure to share with you as soon as I dig up the dirt.

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