Friday, October 29, 2010

Ripper's Row by Donnie Light and Shawn Weaver

I just love when misguided villains are re-imagined as heroes, and I think Jack the Ripper really could have been stalking the streets of Whitechaple to defend innocent people against vampires.

Ripper's Row should be out on Halloween, but it looks like it will be worth the wait even if we have to wait an extra day or two.

Ripper's Row
by Donnie Light and Shawn Weaver

In the fall of 1888, Jack the Ripper cut a swath of blood and terror through the streets of London, in an area known as Whitechaple. The papers called him a monster for attacking innocent women in the night. But if the world only knew the truth behind Jack’s monstrous acts, they would think differently. Jack was a madman, yes, but a madman on a mission to save the world from the foul creatures of the night.  Creatures that haunted his soul, tortured his existence, and made every minute of his life a living hell.

Only Jack the Ripper could save the unsuspecting masses from the vampires that ruled the streets of Whitechaple after dark. Only he could strike down the dangerous Master Vampire William Carpenter—or die in the attempt.

Follow the infamous “Jack the Ripper” through a harrowing adventure to take back the streets of Victorian London, and reclaim the honor of a love lost to darkness.


  1. This is Donnie Light, co-author of "Ripper's Row." Thank you for mentioning the book! I'm really excited about Ripper's Row, and it is already available for the Kindle and Nook ereaders. Print version should be available some time next week.
    Thanks again for the mention, and I hope you all enjoy reading Ripper' Row as much as I enjoyed writing it!

  2. Ripper's Revenge, the sequel to Ripper's Row is now available for Kindle on Amazon and for Nook at Barnes and Nobel. Also available in many formats at
    The Ripper makes his way to New Orleans, where he encounters a Voodoo queen and an army of zombi who are protecting the vampire the Ripper seeks.