Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick R Treat

The Halloween weekend is upon us and what better way to spend it than by watching a movie that captures the true spirit of the holiday in such a wicked and fun fashion.

The 2007 film, Trick R Treat, remains my favorite Halloween movie, blending the perfect mixture of horror and comedy.

The film is an anthology of four short stories that are loosely connected with one another by a ghoulish and mysterious trick-or-treater wandering the streets to remind unfortunate individuals of the price that must be paid if the rules of Halloween are broken.

What are the rules of Halloween that can result in disaster if they're broken? Writer/director Michael Dougherty is here to share them with us.

From a psychotic school principal who really gets into the spirit of the holiday to the 'virgin' looking for her first experience, Trick R Treat provides shocks and laughs in equal measure.

Check out the animated short story below that spawned the idea for the movie and watch the new channel for 24 hours of the movie in HD. Unfortunately, many won't be able to watch the movie because they haven't gotten everything lined up in regards to distribution. If you don't have the channel in your line-up, you can still enjoy the movie by renting the DVD.

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